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List of Companies in CANADA that Sponsor Work Visas for Foreign Workers in 2024

Companies That Sponsor Work Visas are hard to find as a foreign worker. Finding a right job with work visa sponsorship is like finding a needle in haystack. Many foreign workers come to Canada each year on work visas and they get sponsorship from their employers in Canada.

Their are 100s of companies that sponsor work visas in Canada. The requirement for each job position and company is different. Candidates may need Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) report, IELTS or Proof of Funds for initial settlement. And not every job seeker is able to fulfil these requirements.

We have selected those companies which are not only hiring foreign workers but also offering many benefits along with the work visa sponsorship. First have a look on those companies, and below in the article we will discuss the benefits offered by these companies and the application process.

Companies That Sponsor Work Visas in Canada

1. Cooke Aquaculture Inc.:
The company works in aquaculture and fishing industry in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. It produces farm raised salmon, fish feeds, sea bream, crabs, and oysters. Cooke Aquaculture serves customers internationally. They offer competitive salaries and benefits for their employees.

2. Groupe Savoie Inc.:
With more than 600 employees Groupe Savoie Inc. is a leading producer of a wide range of top quality hardwood products, including pallets and pallet components, cabinet and furniture components, hardwood lumber, tone wood components, ecological fuels, wood chips, and more. Groupe Savoie sponsors work visas qualifying candidates and suitable positions. They offer on-the-job training and opportunities for career advancement.

3. Groupe Westco:
Groupe Westco is a New Brunswick company with its head office in Saint-François-de- Madawaska. The company owns hatcheries, breeding farms, shipping companies and is also one of the largest poultry production organizations in Canada. In the past, the company has made a record hiring of foreign workers and giving them opportunities for a successful career in Canada. Groupe Westco offers multiple open job vacancies for foreign workers seeking visa sponsorship.

4. Imperial Manufacturing:
The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and distribution of metal and plastic heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and building products for use in homes and commercial buildings. For hiring foreign workers, Imperial Manufacturing has shown remarkable efforts.

5. J.D. Irving Ltd.:
J.D. Irving is a name of trust in Atlantic Canada. The company is “the leaders” in different business sector like

  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Food
  • Forestry and Forest Products
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Shipbuilding and Industrial Fabrication
  • Transportation and Logistics

J.D. Irving is regularly hiring workers within Canada and from Outside Canada in different job sectors. Offers Work Visa Sponsorship programs as well.

6. McCain Foods:
Forbes 2022 mentioned McCain Foods “World Best Employers” and “World’s Top Female Freindly Companies”. A frozen food company, McCain Foods sponsors work visas for foreign workers for different job positions.

You can search for available Job Positions with these companies on JobBank CanadaIndeed Canada or JOBS in Canada by (Canadian Dream).

Benefits offered by these companies

All of these six companies are located in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. They have a great track record of hiring foreign workers. Not only providing a job position, but these companies offer many benefits as well.

  • Long Term Employment
  • On Job Training
  • Minimum 200 hours of Language training (if required)
  • Suitable enviroment for those who want to study and complete their degree while working with these companies
  • Health benefits
  • Settlement plans
  • Full support (housing / transportation) for new comers to settle in Canada

Immigration Program for Work Visa Sponsorship

All of these six companies came togeather with the support of Provincial immigration of New Brunswick and Canadian Federal Immigration to hire foreign workers under the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program (NBCWP).

NBCWP is a newly launched pilot project, which will run for next five years. These 6 companies are authorized to sponsor work visas under NBCWP to the qualifying and eligible candidates.

You Can Check Details of NBCWP – [Here]

Applying to the Companies that Sponsor Work Visas: What it takes?

Your Job application is the first step towards your hiring and work visa of Canada. Make sure, you apply properly. You must present yourself in a way that the company or hiring team consider your application for an interview. And for that, you need a professional and well written Resume (in Canadian Format) and a well crafted Cover Letter.

How to write such resume? You can get the free Sample Format of Canadian Style Resume HERE

To apply to the companies that sponsor work visas, you can visit the career section of each company and view the open vacancies. Send an email with your Resume and Cover letter. Write a brief body of email, and do not forget to mention that you are applying under NBCWP.

If your application is shortlisted, you may receive a confirmation email or call from the company to schedule your interview. Remember, No company in Canada issue Job Offer Letter without the Interview. If all goes well, the company will sponsor your work visa and take all the necessary steps.

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