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Get a Job in Canada With Visa Sponsorship as a Foreign Worker in 2024

Get a Job in Canada

Getting a job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship is what most job seekers dream of. But is it really possible? If yes, then many questions comes in mind. You can jump directly to your specific query or read the complete article to clear all your doubts about getting a Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship and Applying For Canadian Work Permit.

Who is a Foreign Worker in Canadian job market?

A Foreign Worker is someone who is not a Canadian Citizen nor a Permanent Resident of Canada. A foreign worker could be inside Canada on a non-immigrant visa status or someone who is outside of Canada in any other country.

Each year, Canada welcomes thousands of foreign workers to work in Canada on temporary work permits in different job sectors. According to Statistics CanadaIndia ranks to the top for the maximum number of temporary foreign workers landed in Canada in 2021-2022.

Can I get a Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship as a Foreign Worker?

Yes, it is possible to get a job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship as a foreign Worker outside Canada. Anyone who wish to work in Canada needs a valid Canadian Work Permit. There are certain requirements to apply for a Canadian Work Permit.

Documents Required To Apply For Canadian Work Permit

  • Online Application Form
  • LMIA [Labour Market Impact Assessment] – (may be required)
  • Job Offer Letter from a Canadian Company
  • A degree or diploma (may be required)
  • Language Proficiency (may be required)
  • Resume / CV

Canadian Immigration offers multiple pathways for foreign workers to come to Canada for work. Each program have its own set of requirements.

How can I get a job in Canada with visa?

As a job seeker, you can search for Canadian Jobs online. Plenty of job portals and ten of thousands of job are available in different fields. But the important thing is to apply for only those job vacancies which accepts the applications from international candidates. It is better to find an Employer who offers LMIA with the job.

LMIA is a kind of approval from Canadian authorities to hire a foreign worker. Remember, if you are applying in the province of Quebec, more than 300 occupations are eligible for Simplified LMIA.

You can look below job portals which offers job vacancies for both locals and international candidates.

How can I get job offer from Canada?

By searching for Jobs in Canada on the above mentioned job portals, you can apply for vacancies with LMIA and which are open to International Candidates. To maximize your chances of being interviewd and secure a Job Offer Letter, follow these 4 steps

  1. Prepare your CV/Resume as of Canadian Standard Format
  2. Choose the right Program under which you want to apply
  3. Write a cover letter for your job application
  4. Apply the right job vacancies

Do I need IELTS for work permit in Canada?

IELTS is usually not required for temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. But it is always recommended to take the IELTS exam and attach a copy of your IELTS test results with your job application and Work Permit Application. Canadian Immigration Officers may ask for it anytime during your application process

A newly announced Immigration Pathway New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP) allows eligible Employers to hire the Foreign Workers without IELTS and if they need, Employers will provide a 200 hours of Language Training to the foreign workers.

Is it easy to get hired in Canada?

Getting hired in Canada is tough as a foreign worker, but you can make it possible with your optimistic behavior and persistent efforts. Don’t worry about the time it takes, never loose hope. All those people who reached Canada with the Work Permits went through the same situation but with their positive efforts and proper documentation, they got the job in Canada with Visa.

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