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2024 Colby-Sawyer Scholarship Grants in the USA – Fully Funded

Colby-Sawyer Scholarship Grants

Hurray! Colby-Sawyer is happy to give its annual scholarship grant to all of the best students in the US who want to start school there.

While a Colby-Sawyer education starts with an affordable $17,500 tuition, we also strive to acknowledge your abilities and accomplishments through a variety of awards, scholarships and funds.

Awards available for 2023 Colby-Sawyer Scholarship Grants

Early Action Award

Apply for admission before the early action deadline to qualify. This award is renewable and is in addition to other scholarships.

Deadline: Application must be submitted on or before December 1
Value: $2,000 per year

Early Action CHECKLIST

  • Complete Colby-Sawyer’s Application or the Common Application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Recommendation (optional)
  • Writing sample: see application for essay topics
  • SAT or ACT (optional)

Colby-Sawyer Academic Scholarships & Merit Awards

When you submit your application for admission to Colby-Sawyer, you are automatically considered for scholarships and/or awards ranging up to $8,000 per year.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are an investment in your future made possible by generous individuals who believe in a Colby-Sawyer education. Funds are awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office and may be exchanged for previously awarded merit and general grant funds; in most cases, the overall total aid that a student receives will not change.

Outside Scholarships

An outside scholarship is any scholarship not awarded by the government or the college, such as a scholarship provided by a private sector company, philanthropist or foundation. If you receive such scholarship, you are required to report it to the Financial Aid Office by sending a copy of the award letter or certificate.

Outside scholarships are considered resources and are used to supplement any unmet need and, if necessary, reduce self-help aid such Federal Work Study and/or loans. In rare cases, outside scholarships over the amount of unmet need and self-help aid may result in the reduction of college need-based aid.


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